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I will share my Story…….. While I was searching on the internet to find ideas about WORK FROM HOME…

Then I came across the Free Digital Marketing course from Deepak Kanakaraju….

Introduction About the Mentor Who Has Hold My Hand !!


Deepak Kanakaraju the leading Indian Bike blogger and creator of is an internet marketer who has been featured on Yahoo Finance, Affiliate Summit and many more.

He currently resides in Bangalore, India

Some of his expertise include: 

Internet marketing,business development,Google Ads words,Facebook Advertisements,Conversion Optimization etc.He made DIGITAL MARKETING VERY SIMPLE. He plays an important roll in DIGITAL MARKETING in India.

I joined ,COMPLETED & Implemented “Digital Marketing Tools Mastery course….Deepak Kanakaraju

And BOOM!!!This inspired me a lot…There are tones of Videos available online about DM …..Some are spams and some are useful…

To avoid confusion…Keep only one him……

  • Digital Deepak is the ultimate blueprint to start your  Digital Marketing business anywhere in the world.

Digital Marketing Tools Mastery course — This course is specifically designed for peoples who have newly started their business/product promotions/ freelancing or any other type of work where the digital platforms can be utilized. This course is good for people who are new to the Internet Marketing Industry or the people who are planning to make their business in Digital marketing.

How will this course help you?

As digital marketing professionals, we need to use a variety of marketing tools. These tools help in improving the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns like product promotions, lead generations, getting no.1 in google search and many such applications.

When we know how to use each of the Digital Marketing Tools effectively then we can manage our digital campaigns for better outcomes and achieve exponential growth in business.


Watch This Video Which will Give a good idea about Digital Marketing

Then learn this wonderful Digital Marketing Tools Mastery

Rs 999

What are you going to learn in this course


Digital Marketing Tools are an important part of digital marketing. If you want to become an expert digital marketer, you need to have a clear idea about all the digital marketing tools in the market that are available.

In this course, you will learn about all the top 100 digital marketing tools that businesses use to carry out their digital marketing campaigns.

Here are the tools that are covered so far:

Email Marketing Tools

ActiveCampaign – Email Marketing & CRM Tool (19:17)
ConvertKit – Email Marketing Tool for Creators (7:25)

SEO Tools

Google Search Console – Free SEO Tool for Website Owners (11:34)
Moz Pro – SEO Analysis Tool (19:37)
Ahrefs – SEO Tool for Digital Marketers (19:17)
Screaming Frog SEO Spider for Website Crawling (6:33)

Digital Marketing Tools Mastery

Instapage – Landing Page Creator Tool (10:16)
Zapier – Marketing Automation Tool Review (10:23)
Unbounce – Landing Page Creator Tool Review (8:33)
Typeform – Survey and Research Tool (8:23)
OptinMonster – Lead Generation Tool for Bloggers (5:50)
WPX Hosting – Best WordPress Hosting for Bloggers (7:56)
MindNode – Mind Mapping Tool for Brainstorming (5:52)
Canva – A Simple Design Tool for Digital Marketers (4:06)
Zoom Video Conferencing & Webinar Tool Review (8:01)

Web Analytics

Google Analytics – The Best Free Analytics Tool for Webmasters (9:27)
Google Data Studio – Data Visualization Tool (6:56)
Hotjar Behaviour Analytics Tool Review (8:50)

Advertising Tools

Google Ads for Digital Marketers (8:05)
Facebook Ads Tutorial for Beginners (27:26)
Twitter Ads Tutorial for Beginners (5:32)
Quora Ads Tutorial for Beginners (4:45)

Video Making & Editing Tools

Screenflow Overview – Video Editing Tool for Mac OS (5:01)

Learning Management Systems

Teachable – Learning Management System Review (16:41)
Thinkific Learning Management System Review (5:56)

Review Mastery Tools
Digital Tools Mastery

LEARNING NEW SKILLS reduces your stress, anxiety and fear of the future

Time is precious. It’s sacred. Just 24 hours in a day. That’s all we get. Not one person on this earth has more time than that. No matter their age, occupation, religion, color of their skin or where they live. No one. Time is the greatest equalizer because not a single person can have more of it. It can never be recreated or re-spent. It exists once, then it’s gone. And that’s precisely why passive income is so important — because time is more valuable than money. Digital Marketing is the Best way to make passive income. 

Digital Marketing gives you the ability to live and work from anywhere

No matter how you look at it, the importance of learning  Digital Marketing is paramount. Many people discount it because they either don’t understand it or  don’t think that having passive income that exceeds your expenses isn’t an attainable goal. 

Well, whatever the mind believes, the mind can achieve. That’s as true for anything else in life. Believe it wholeheartedly with your spirit, and you can accomplish it. As long as you don’t give up.