Internship Journey in Digital Marketing to fulfill the dream as a Businessman-Digital Deepak

Internship in Digital Marketing, a Journey to fulfill the dream as a Successful Businessman

Romantic Internship Experience!!

Love at First sight!! First Day of My first ever Internship

Who Am I?

Hi everyone!! I’m Sreelal Lekshmanan. from India and then from a small village of the state of Kerala Alappuzha Dist & near Kayamkulam. I did my Engineering Diploma In Mechanical Engineering and did a BBA from India. I also had done Materials Management specialization and some computer-based applications including ERP Oracle.

I have a lovely mother, two lovely sisters, a beautiful wife, and two smart daughters. For me family is everything. I am both employed as well as an entrepreneur.  In search of a successful life, I am ready to learn new things and apply them.

Internship Journey Digital Marketing

How My Life Journey and dream for success in business starts

Throughout my school and college time, I have always wanted to get a job and wished to earn money. It was during my college life the wish to become an entrepreneur started which was ignited by one of our Lecturer who taught us the subject of industrial engineering and entrepreneurship.

Our tutor told one day, through a businessman’s life, one can make something great and valuable for his future life.

Something that would make one’s family feel much happier than that of an employee. Despite all the hardship that my family had all these years, my parents have always pushed me forward, encouraged me to study and did everything to give me all the necessary education for my future success.

After all these tiring years of study, I am ready to continue fighting for my dreams. After completing my college I worked with a private firm for one year as an apprentice. In the meantime,

I applied and selected for an Indian Government Civilian Army Department middle-class job which seems an attractive one of that time. Still, my mind was not satisfied, I took the admission for some courses to make me more qualified what much of my colleagues were not even thought or encouraged for.


Due to the distractions and the remote nature of my duty locations I was unable to pursue my studies timely. However, after 9 years of service, I acquired one prestigious management qualifications.

Based on that I applied abroad job and got selected and decided to quit the pensionable Govt.job which is a dream for many professionals also.

I flew abroad and started working but the things were not good as I thought but were no option, Still, my entrepreneurial dream was alive. After 5 years of job, I saved some money from mine and wife’s earnings

I took a loan of more than one million INR and started a Bakery and failed due to some reasons. Thus after 20 years of my life in various jobs, I still struggling to fulfill my dream of a successful businessman. 

Journey to Digital World

My job abroad gave me a good degree of exposure to computer-based applications. By chance, I came to know about Digital Marketing and started to learn some free and paid courses 

I realized it is a vast field that finds it very difficult to succeed in DM without a systematic study pattern and mentor for self-studying especially employed people like me.

Digital marketing has a lot of modules in it. And each module is an ocean in itself. It is pretty difficult to become an expert in every module possible.

Even for someone with 10 years of experience, covering all the subjects is almost impossible. Thus accidentally I came to know about this exemplary Internship Programme and decided to join without any further to fulfill my dream.

Internship in Digital Marketing

First Day of  Internship 

After registration and payment of Internship, it took more than three weeks to start the classes. I was romantically waiting with full of excitement like one waiting after engagement!

The Major Points Briefed in the First Day as under

  1. The first-day briefing was in a webinar format. It started at 9.00 PM on 25/02/2020
  2. The Mentor of the program gave a brief description of the internship program, about its nature and the way of implementing it, how it is going to work, etc. He talked about the need for commitment and for helping each other in the group.
  3.   He asked to write down each one goal in Digital Marketing and conducted a poll in this. Most of them selected as to become a  DM Consultant or Start a business in DM which is also my dream
  4. He explained marketing skills and how it requires in the DM field. He spoke about the solution to a need and its evolution of new needs, products, and new solutions.
  5.  He spoke about personal branding and its need.
  6. He explained about global economics interesting parts. He spoke how the age of the people is related to the economy was really eyeopening. He recommended some books in economics and much more.
  7. He emphasized the need for communication skills. For this, he recommended some books, podcasts, etc
  8. Then he talks about integrated. Digital Marketing, Audience building, and digital marketing strategy, etc.
  9. Finally, before closing the 2 hours long blockbuster webinar, he asked to complete a form related to the internship program and given the assignment to write a blog about the first day of the internship. Based on this I made this first-ever blog in my life. Thanks for the inspiration and confidence-building the first day of the internship.


Now I have the belief and full confidence in achieving the goal of becoming a successful businessman. I wish to know what your opinion in this.regard or do you have any other better option to give. Please respond.

You may be curious to know more about the basic details including the brand of the said Grand Paid Internship program. This one is meant for both beginners to experienced professionals in the vast ocean of Digital Marketing.

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